English mass grave contains remains of Viking Great Army

By Vexen Crabtree Christmas is the celebration of the time when the days start to lengthen, which in the Northern Hemisphere, is in the middle of winter. Many religions in history have claimed the winter solstice as a holy day. The ” reason of the season ” is a combination of different traditions. It includes sun worship and pagan nature religions who have venerated the natural cycle for many thousands of years. In combination with these religious sources is a heavy dose of commercialism – many “traditions” are in fact invented by commercial companies trying to find nifty ways of selling goods. A sensible and modern refrain is that Christmas is simply a secular midwinter holiday season; it is important to all families as one of the three holiday seasons in between children’s school terms. Christmas is a multicultural festival with a long pagan history, and can be celebrated by anyone. Many traditional elements of Christmas pre-date Christianity 1. In other words, Christmas was pagan before it was adopted and renamed by Christians.

The Pagans of Harrow on the Hill

Would you like to tell us about a lower price? If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? Heathen is, in essence, the first “traditional” Bowie album worthy of kudos in years, as it successfully reunites Bowie with producer Tony Visconti, the man at the controls during Bowie’s Berlin period. Heathen finds rock’s greatest chameleon once again remolding his past, advancing to new vistas by moving up that metaphorical hill backward.

Even more gratifying is the universally high quality of the songwriting craftsmanship on offer, where even a ditty as frivolous as “Everyone Says ‘Hi"” “Don’t stay in a sad place where they don’t care how you are” hits the mark. For heavyweights who like their Bowie with furrowed-brow, the monastic aura of opener “Sunday” sounds like a post-rock Enigma covering Nico’s interpretation of Tim Hardin’s “Eulogy to Lenny Bruce,” whilst the strident savagery evidenced on an apt cover of the Pixies’ “Cactus” disposes with Frank Black’s hound-dog yelp and reasserts the melody without undermining the original’s obsessional score.

Linm, the Grandson of Neptum, who excell’d all Mortals in Musick, for dating to sing with Apollo, was put to a cruel Death by the Victor., Nor was the Fare of.

A meeting of Independent Church leaders, Anglican and Presbyterian clergy and laymen, held in London in November , established the aims of the Missionary Society – ‘to spread the knowledge of Christ among heathen and other unenlightened nations’. The Missionary Society was formally established in September with a plan and constitution. This governed the establishment of a Board of Directors and the conduct of business, outline the powers of the Directors and the conduct of business, established an annual meeting of Members to be held in May, and defined the role of trustees.

Although broadly interdenominational in scope, the Society was very much Congregationalist in both outlook and membership. Mission activity started in the South Seas, with the first overseas mission to Tahiti in Missionary work expanded into North America and South Africa. Early mission activities also centred in areas of eastern and southern Europe including Russia, Greece and Malta.

The LMS was not always successful in gaining a hold in the overseas mission field.

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In the modern Pagan new religious movement of Heathenry , various publications identify a number of holidays , to some extent based on medieval references to sacrifices observed in historical Norse paganism or reconstructions of an early Germanic calendar , but frequently also inspired by the ” Wheel of the Year ” popular in Wicca , and sometimes also based on ad hoc innovation, e.

As a minimal consensus, the three great seasonal blots mentioned in Ynglingasaga are recognized by practically all adherents. James Chisholm published a suggestion for Ostara. The revived neopagan ritual was again to be modified to suit “contemporary American sensibilities”. The first attempt to provide a “Germanic” version of the Wiccan Wheel of the Year was made by McNallen in desktop-published documents between The name “Yule” coincides with the Wiccan Wheel as the name has been taken by Wicca from the Germanic tradition in the first place.

“I struggle with it,” he admits. Mort then tells Shelley to cancel the bat mitzvah. Shelley is pissed at “our little heathen.” Mort reminds her that it’s not.

Nicholl Robert. In: Archipel , volume 19, The Location of P’o-ni. According to Pelliot ‘ the first recorded reference to P’o-ni is that in K6 p. Luce as Cornell Data Paper 44, December , p. Down to the sixteenth century the name appears in Chinese texts in two forms : P’o-ni a and Fo-ni, both with minor homophonic variations. It would thus apprar that whether the P’o character or the Fo character were used, the sound expressed could be Bu-ni, which is as close an approximation as is possible in the Chinese language to the original Burnt.

A further interesting identification is afforded by the Japanese language. The difference between the two names is hardly perceptible in Japanese hirakana script,. There is, I think, an error in this Japanese transcription, which comes from the resemblance of the hirakana letters ri and u in such a way that it should read Borneu. Further identification is afforded by the Ming Shih, Book ” , which records that up to A. The Nagarakertagama l2 lists all the Majapahit tributaries in Borneo in A.


Archaeologists have dated a unique Viking burial ground with remains from the first large-scale Viking invasion of England. The site is a mass grave containing the remains of at least people in Repton, England, where the Vikings made winter camp during their invasion of England in CE. The Repton grave has given archaeologists headaches for many years, ever since it was first discovered in

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This is an important time of the year for most of us. It depends on who you ask. Whether you happen to be gearing up to celebrate the the birth of Jesus or not, remember that many cultures around the world — particularly those with indigenous or ancient ties — mark the days around the longest night of the year with some sort of observance.

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What do those notes mean? And how about those unrelated comments, scribblings, doodles, underlinings, or illegible marks? Or the marks on the covers, or stains that look like evidence that the book was once used as a coaster? A sign of active use? Or of disdain for books? These are the kind of questions that rare book librarians and book historians routinely try to answer — well, at least some of the time!

We look at books owned and used by someone else, often written in or marked up, and try to make sense of what a reader had in mind when using the book usually in connection with the act of their reading, but sometimes clearly relating to other, decidedly non-textual, uses. The book is well-worn, so presumably but not necessarily it was well read, but there are no marks by readers anywhere in the text.

Personally, I think the placement of the writing and use of ink argues strongly against this latter use. Perhaps the blank paper of the pastedown was just the handiest piece of writing matter someone had to hand? Inscription on rear pastedown reversed for legibility in this image.

Was Repton Home to the Fearsome Viking Force, the Great Heathen Army?

On Easter Sunday, a bunny will deliver chocolate eggs to many households across Australia. Well, it turns out Easter actually began as a pagan festival celebrating spring in the Northern Hemisphere, long before the advent of Christianity. Following the advent of Christianity, the Easter period became associated with the resurrection of Christ.

In AD the first major church council, the Council of Nicaea, determined that Easter should fall on the Sunday following the first full moon after the spring equinox. That is why the date moves and why Easter festivities are often referred to as “moveable feasts”.

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The Freehold Calendar is designed to serve as a baseline for members and Kindreds of the B. Heathen Freehold, feel free to adapt it to suite your needs. The preferred term for Freehold Ritual activities is Faining. This fits much more appropriately with Freehold Custom and Practice. Yule is the beginning of the Freehold Liturgical Calendar.

Yule is a midwinter celebration to commemorate the end of the Wild Hunt and the lengthening of days. Yule is one of the three ritual dates that is recorded in both Anglo-Saxon and Norse source material as a major Holy-Tide. In Norse sources Yule is a time for gathering as a community to share a feast and make offerings that all might survive the winter.

At this time the Norse would make offerings to ensure success in the campaigning season. Midsummer is a common folk celebration throughout Germanic countries to this day.

Mírmans saga

Holding a pagan festival December 25 may have originated with the Roman emperor Aurelian, who in AD , built a temple and established games every four years to honor the pagan sun god to whom he attributed military victories. The days were short, the weather cold, the leaves fallen, the crops idle—a perfect time for superstitious people to schedule a hopeful rally for the return of summer.

This sort of thing had been going in Rome since centuries-ago BC in the form of winter-solstice parties for Saturn, the god associated with agriculture and light, parties characterized by candles and gift giving. Some suggest other pagans throughout Europe employed evergreens and yule logs in their own December observances, hoping to stimulate the restoration of greenery and warmth. But all these similarities could be coincidental.

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Great Heathen Army

Listen Listening My introduction to paganism was through the transcendentalist writings of Ralph Waldo Emerson and Walt Whitman and their evocations of the natural world. Yule comes from a Norse word meaning wheel, a symbol of the sun as a wheel of fire rolling away from and then toward the earth, solstice to solstice. And just a few days after that, many folks honor the birth of Jesus, another son.

Solstice celebrants take this moment to still themselves, and as Pagan author T. Those people whose names may be unfamiliar, but whose work and talent are fundamental to the production or composition — studio musicians and web designers, theatrical prop builders, and movie location scouts.

But since early Germanic calendars varied by region, there is no one date that Dísablót always falls on. That said, Dísablót celebrations were.

We welcome you to join us for a regular series of informal presentations and discussions on topics of interest to heathens and to anyone with a passion for Norse-related topics. Our sincere hope is that this venue might become a regular meeting place in central New England for people who share our passion for all things Vikings. Admission is free. At this time, no further meetings are planned. We will no longer be able to use Hurstwic’s training facility in Millbury, and so the group seeks to find a new venue and a new organization to continue the study group’s activities.

Please contact us for more information. I thank those who have presented, and all of those who have joined us to learn about and to celebrate the ancient ways of northern Europe with us. For more information about Hurstwic, please look at our introductory YouTube video , and browse our webpage , and our extensive collection of articles on Viking-age topics. They include:. This was the last meeting at Hurstwic’s training facility in Millbury. At this bittersweet moment, we reviewed the past and discussed the future of the study group, and celebrated what we have accomplished over the years.

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He belongs to the heathen Gnosis, and is in his essence the same as the Babylonian Marduk. By the end of it, any traces of heathen faith, and even of Scandinavian speech, must have been mere survivals. Under what latitudes reside the heathen to whom we would send light? Jerusalem had suffered some serious catastrophe before Nehemiah’s return; a body of exiles returned, and in spite of interference the work of rebuilding was completed; through their influence the Judaean community underwent reorganization, and separated itself from its so-called heathen neighbours.

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