Well hello Ryan fans, long time no update! Bentley is growing up so fast and has been spending a lot of time with his family riding motocross! Ryan seems to be doing well and is enjoying life with his family and friends. He is still responding to fans on his twitter ryancedwards. You can google it and see his profile even without having a twitter. He has instagram rcedwards85 and also has snap chat! For all those wondering, Ryan is still single while Maci is still dating her boyfriend Taylor from earlier this year who has met Ryan.

Dalis Connell doubles down on Ryan Edwards rehab reveal

After Maci offered her some red Roscato, Jennifer tweeted , “We may need a girls night,” to which Maci replied , “Yes we do! Granted, Ryan is Bentley’s dad, and Jennifer is Bentley’s grandmother, so it would seem to follow that they would all be well-served by acting at least civil with one another. But this seems to be a whole new level of friendly all around.

Ryan’s Ex-Girlfriend Reveals How His Addiction Started, Mackenzie as his ex girlfriend Dalis Connell opened up about the situation with “One of his friends was on pills and he tried it one night when we first started dating.

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Ryan Edwards and Dalis Connell

June — Maci begins spending time with Kyle King and the two are photographed together on a boat. July — Maci and Kyle make things sort of official on Twitter. September — Maci and Kyle King break up for the second time in. Ryan, Kyle began tweeting back and forth with a girl named Tara.

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Dalis Connell doubles down on Ryan Edwards rehab reveal

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This is just a brief update of where I understand all the girls are right now as of February Maci is still dating Kyle, however there have been rumours of both an engagement, and fights worthy of a break up. She is still in college, and often does talks for teens about her struggles as a teen mum. She has also been spending lots of time with Sophie. Where do I start?!? She was in the media for various instances of public violence and drinking. She was put in jail on suicide watch and apparently plead guilty to her charges recently in court and is hoping to complete another stint in rehab, which if not completed she could be in jail for up to 5 years.

Leah seems to be doing well with her dad, who seems to have stepped up for his baby girl. Ebony came back into the spotlight when she announced she was pregnant for a second time in May. They decided to name their baby Josiah and buried him in July.

Ryan Edwards

Is Maci Bookout a fool for love? The Teen Mom star reunited with Ryan Edwards , her ex-boyfriend and baby-daddy, in December — but multiple sources say the unemployed ATV racer can’t be trusted. Edwards, 25, told Bookout “he still has feelings for her. And she has never stopped loving him,” a source close to the MTV reality star says in the Jan. But their feelings aren’t truly mutual, according to insiders.

The on-again couple — parents to son Bentley , 4 — first split in , and Bookout, 21, began dating childhood pal Kyle King ,

“Ryan and I went to high school together,” Katheryn said. Katheryn, who still keeps in touch with Maci occasionally, said that Maci’s fans did.

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Teen Mom’s Ryan Edwards and girlfriend Dalis Connell break up

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(How many of you over 25 are still with the person you were dating when you were 19?) Ryan and Dalis seemed very mature in their.

Dalis Connell has responded to critics who accused her of selling info about a previous stint in rehab for Ryan Edwards. We had to drag him there the first time. He never said he wanted to get better, he just wanted the withdrawals to stop. Radar followed up with another post today featuring additional comments from Dalis:. One of his friends was on pills and he tried it one night when we first started dating.

He started taking those while I was in class. I was working and my co-worker asked if Ryan takes anything. It got worse and worse. Sorry honey but you have quite a bit of this wrong! Needing Money? I didn’t get paid a dime. On a Ryan side note, notorious TM Twitter troll Simon Saran made a heck of an accusation last night, even for him, when he accused an MTV producer of giving Edwards pills during filming:.

Ryan and Dalis Answer Questions